The perfect Apple BlueTooth Mouse Replacement?

I don’t know about perfect, but the Targus Blue Tooth laptop mouse was only $34.99 at Best Buy and the scroll wheel actually works. Outside the Apple community there is little knowledge of a dirty little secret that they would like to keep quiet- the $80 Blue Tooth Apple mouse is a piece of crap. There, I said it. I have been to numerous web sites where every crappy hack fix has been presented as a cure for the atrociously poor quality “wonder ball” (think bionic scroll wheel / center button).


A little over 2 months after purchasing a Mac Book for my wife and an iMac for myself, both $80 Blue Tooth mice crapped out. Her’s just died outright and I purchased a plain old Microsoft wireless laser mouse to replace it. It has worked beautifully ever since. My iMac Blue Tooth’s roller ball stopped functioning not long after, but I wanted full Blue Tooth to keep a free USB port.  So I tried everything I could dig up on the infobaun to fix it myself and none of it worked. Even the much ballyhooed “White Piece Of Paper” trick did nothing but make it only work going up (occasionally). So, today, while on a fruitless search for non suck-worthy SpongeBob Mac games with my son, I happened upon this little Targus beauty at Best Buy. Now, I can actually scroll up and down on Web Pages and even in Flash Develop in Parallels!!

I admit that it doesn’t match my the rest of my peripherals (look-wise) and isn’t quite as pretty as the apple version, but then again, I don’t feel like throwing it at the wall yet either – so even Stevens in my book.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing else bad to say about my iMac and Mac Book purchases. It has been nearly a year and the machines functional like new and still run Windows better than any dedicated PC hardware I have ever owned. The Keyboard is divine, the screen absolutely beautiful (good enough to watch an 800K Galaxy game stream today). It’s just that mouse. It is designed like a piece of art, it uses very little power and has incredible battery life…but the ball thingy just blows chunks.

Anyway, if you are in need a a replacement, or want a good Blue Tooth mouse for any reason, you can go wrong with this baby.

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