8bitrocket.com Will Be Reporting From E3 This Year As An Official Media Outlet


We have been to E3 in Los Angeles many times, but always as “industry professionals”.    This means that, while you can attend, you are seen as a kind of pariah to the exhibitors.  You can look at most everything on the show floor, but the people manning the booths would rather be taking to someone that can get them some ink (or “vink”) about their products.

Well, this year will be different.  This year we are going as official media.

We started 8bitrocket.com as an indie/retro game development and news site shortly after E3 was canceled in 2006.  Since then we have grown nearly 1000 times in size, and we are now seen as a legitimate media outlet for E3 2009.

As well, E3 has changed and so has the video game world since 2006.  The web, online and mobile and casual gaming have skyrocketed since that year.  At the same time, traditional magazines and media outlets have faltered and/or disappeared altogether.  Companies like Kongregate, who would have most likely not been welcome in 2006, are now helping to sponsor the event!

So, we here at 8bitrocket.com are proud to join any all of our indie game development media and developer brothers at the world’s biggest (OK, USA anyway) video game extravaganza.  Our goal is to find every indie and retro related story that we can muster, and report them all through both twitter and our blog.  We will leave no stone unturned for indie/web/Flash/retro game fans and developers.   We hope enjoy what we have to offer.

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