Hey They Used Our Kung Fu! #1: Clint Herron And “Falling With Style”

Hey there 8-bit Rocketeers.  This is the first ever installment of “Hey, They Used Our Kung Fu! Where we highlight developers who have made use of our web site to make cool stuff. 

This first email came from Clint Herron a couple weeks back:

I used your minimalistic Asteroids tutorial to learn how to do a
canvas-based game approach, and used this on my 4k game entry Falling
With Style. 


Your excellent minimalistic Asteroids code was the base of that project.

Thanks for the great site, and great tutorials!


Cool Clint!   “Falling With Style” was one of our faves from the 4K Competition, so that is double cool.

Clint describes his game this way:

“‘Falling With Style’ is a game about skydiving. Your skydiver’s angle
to the ground determines where the wind pushes him. Using the arrow
keys, you can tilt your skydiver and cause him to fly in different
directions, to speed up or slow down, and even to do flips and rolls.”

You can play the game with at the link above, or try it below:


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