They Used Our Kung Fu: GameNutz Podcast

GameNutz is a video game “news” podcast that originates from Sherrill, NY. The podcast includes Rob “StickyNugget” Feddersen and Andrew “Boter” Hookway, who are employees at GameNutz store, also is Sherrill, NY, plus Justin “FearTheClaw” Clough. All three are very knowledgeable about current and classic games. Since the GameNutz store sells all sorts of retro goodness, the guys have a very good familiarity with (at least) the last 20 or so years of video gaming.

Recent episodes included: E3 Predictions , E3 Roundup, 360 vs PS3 Sales, 1 Vs 100 and Activision vs. the PS2, the sheer amount of Guitar Hero releases, and Ghostbusters.This interesting and informative podcast is unique because it comes from the perspective of guys who operate within arterial lifeblood of the game industry: the retail sector. This unique view informs both their reviews, and their attitude towards the consumer aspects of the industry. Sometimes they even take calls to the store while doing the podcast. To be honest, I’d love to hear a podcast filled with those one-sided conversations. they could prove to be fascinating and/or hilarious.

GameNuts made the “The Used Our Kung Fu” blog because they use music from our Audio Portal for many of their shows AND they actually give us credit. Thanks Guys!

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