Play the new free Atari STE Game rOx in Windows with a single mouse click!

Play the new free Atari STE Game rOx in Windows with a single mouse

The guys over are RGCD
have out done themselves with
a brand new, FREE Atari STE game that can be played in Windows with a
single mouse click!
is a modern scrolling “avoid-em-up” with a retro style all its own. You
earn points for staying alive in your delicate space craft while
dodging rocks scrolling down the screen. The more daring you are, the
more points you are awarded. The wings of your craft are
indestructible, and if they touch rocks as you squeeze
through tight spaces, you get bonus points for your over
daring cheekiness!


Catch the cosmonauts and treasure for bonus points, and spell the word
EXTRA for additional sorties.  The hero’s name is the game is
Irata (Atari backward). That was same name of the villain
 from my rock shooting related game, Retro
– synergy! You have
power ups and an arsenal of bombs to help you in your quest.
The music is absolutely stupendous. What a treat to find this in my
Atari travels across the infobaun today.


The game credit goes to Heavy Stylus, TomChi, C-Rem, Templeton,
Crazy-Q, DMA-SC, GGN, and Xerus.


What a wonderful gift of pure game coding for game coding sake. It is
lovely to see a group of talented people get together and create just
for the fun and craft of it.

I don’t know any of them, but I bow down to their genius and love of
the craft.

On that note, just to sully it up with commerce,  I would love
to program the Flash version for them and help get it spread around the
world on the big portals (and make a load of dosh that they can all
share in). If any of you guys read this, what do you think?

You can download rOx
for the STEEM ST emulator, and also a pre-configured single-click to
run version
that requires
nothing but your need to play a fun retro game.  Also, check
out the development history on the same page.  You UK guys
have all the fun.

Read a full, detailed review at the great Joy Of Sticks ST Fan site. Full game play video footage included!


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