One Of The Best Mainstream Game Articles In A Long Time: The Magic of Wii Sports Resort @ IGN

Michael Thomsen @ has written what I believe is one of the best gaming articles I have ever read.  His piece, The Magic of Wii Sports Resort is notable not just for it’s structure and style, but also for its sentiment and passion. 

Thomson writes about about game narrative, or in Wii sports Resort, the lack of narrative.  However, his views on this are similar to mine: great games don’t need to force a story on the player, especially if they are designed so the player can make their own story through the act of actually interacting with the game.

Here is an excerpt:

Wii Sports Resort,
like its predecessor, is one of the greatest games ever made. In every
aspect, it offers an experience that could only happen in game. Its
systems are carefully balanced, fantastically sensitive, and take place
in a narrative web that rewards continued play. While it lacks a clear
plot, dramatic scripting, characterization, and impassioned acting,
those are all artifacts from older media. None are intrinsic to the art
of expression through interaction.

Even if you don’t agree, it’s great to see this kind of old-school print-magazine-style writing starting to appear on-line from major sources.  Bravo!

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