Essential Guide To Flash Games Book: Recursive Function Puzzle Game.


I just finished this last night, so I’m a bit excited about it (or is that exhausted)?  Anyway, I wanted to show that this book is not just about the types of things you have read previously on this blog.  This game, “Color Drop” uses recursive functions, a simplified mini-State Machine (inside the main state machine), multi-dimensional arrays (yawn), a leveling class manager, etc. to create a modern puzzle-style game.  

Jeff Note: I want to add that the games will build on one another in the framework. So, even though this game is completely different that the tile-based maze shooter from chapters 6 and 7, it still makes use of the BlitSprite, TileSheet and SoundManager from previous chapters.  All of  these games should compile in Flex (and Flash Deevelop) as well as the IDE, so you will have your choice of how to use the code and extend the games into your own winning title.

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