R.I.P. Art Clokey: Creator of “Gumby” and “Davey And Goliath”

Art Clokey was one of the masters of “stop motion” animation. He is best known for the “Gumby” cartoons.

Gumby : The Small Planets

There were a few episodes the dealt with space. This one stands out as the best….and most bizarre.

“My beautiful arpeggio ruined!”


Art Clokey was also known for Davey And Goliath, a show created by the Lutheran Church to help promote a set of “ecumenical” religious values while not really being specific to any particular faith (for the most part). I was fine with the “lessons” (the were a bit overbearing sometimes though), because the stop motion animation was really clever.

The Silver Mine

This one made me never want to explore a an abandoned mine. The falling debris here is awesome. This single episode fueled so much of by boyhood imaginative play that it is hard to imagine my life having not seen it a billion times.

All Alone

The model trains in this one are awesome.

Stranded On An Island

This episode featured Davey’s family going on the ultimate “day trip”, a rented boat to a deserted island. This single episode has been fuel for many of the the day trip “adventures” I have taken my kids on in the past 12 years.

There is so much of this material on the internet these days that it is hard to stop. Art Clokey’s work fueled much of my childhood imagination, and the images he created are still with me today.

Thanks Art Clokey, you were a true original.

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