I Play/Read All This Stuff At Once???

I noticed yesterday that I have too many games being played and books being read at exactly the same time.  All of these games/books are being played/read at different times, when I’m doing different things.

-Mac: M.U.L.E. (new version)
-PC (Mac Bootcamp): Dragon Age Origins
-PC Laptop:  (no game) making a video with Sony Vegas
-Wii (virtual console): Excite Bike World Tour
-Wii: (console): NBA Live 2008 (to show my daughter the rules of Basketball)
-XBox Live Arcade: Peggle
-XBox Classics (download): Fable
-Xbox 360 (in the drive) : Namco Live Aracde
-DS: (in my bedroom): Bookworm DS
-PS2: Gottlieb Pinball Collection
-Cell Phone: Bejewelled
-Book (downstairs): The Bloom County Library Vol 1.
-Book: (downstairs): Dungeons and Desktops: The History of Computer Role-playing Games by Matt Barton
-Book: (upstairs): Rapture For The Geeks  by Richard Dooling

What are you playing and reading at the same time right now?

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