Essential Flash Games Book Released!

Essential Flash Games Book Launched!

So, the book is finally out. It contains 12 chapters and 13 games to create (some very small, some quite large). We developed our own moderate OOP framework that all of the games use as an outline. Each game can be compiled in both the Flex SDK (we use Flash Develop) and the Flash IDE (CS3 and beyond).  There is virtually no time-line based code (except in chapter 1 and in the chapter 12 IDE preloaer). The idea was to teach how to make games with pure AS3, bitmaps, sounds, and the drawing API using an OOP method and our own design-pattern created specifically for games.

It took a long time with many revisions. I hope it is a valuable tool for those who need it.

Now we take a deep breath and hope that more people buy it than pirate it (or at least those that use it will buy a copy).

Note: The page length is wrong on all the sites. We went 250 pages over the 400 page mark they set for us. There just was not enough space for all of our diatribes and what not. The actual page length is 650+

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