Haiku: The Genesis Of The Mochi Game Development Fund

Haiku: The The Genesis Of The Mochi Game Development Fund

Mochi Media
Their API seeds sprouted
A new business

Game Developers
Flocked to their code empire
Looking for freedom

In-Flash ads promised
Monetized free-to-play games
Indie devs saw green

They soon discovered
The slavery of Flash games
Was e. C. P. M.

As games were launched
Wealth storm dreams turned into
A penny sprinkle

Devs turned then to
Licenses and sponsorships
A market was born

But some still craved
A universal platform
Mochi was not done

The pennies flowed
And Mochi kept on building
Pennies begat Coins

Coins were a gamble
Was gold in the hills named

Paying customers
Required better game dev
Better meant bigger

Bigger took more time
Time meant cash, and the pennies
Just did not add up

Shanda met Mochi
Social games met Viral games
Love was in the air

Mochi And Shanda
Sitting in a money tree
Ten thousand G’s high

Promise to make games
Social in nature? Then they might
Just throw you a branch

They are ready to
Start doling out the goods, are
You ready to answer?

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