10 Things Developers Can Do To Help Fight Apple’s Grip On the Future Of Software Development

10 Things Developers Can Do To Help Fight Apple’s Grip On the Future Of Software Development

Developers can get mad and call names (we are VERY guilty of this) at Apple for their Orwellian moves with the iPhone OS 4.0, but the best way to to “fight” them is to do something about it.

1. Block Safari #blockSafari: Convince web site owners to add code to “Block the Safari web browser”, or at the very least add code to nag people to download Chrome or Firefox instead. Visit thebrokenapple.com to talk about this one and get the scripts when they are available.

2. No CS5 On Mac. Period. #noCS5onMac : Petition Adobe to halt all releases of their products on the Mac platform. Adobe should work with Microsoft to include Windows 7 with CS5, and show people how to duel-boot their Mac and install the the apps.

3. Return Your iPad/iPhone. #returnYouriPad: Did you buy your iPad/iPhone so you could develop software? Return it. Tell the “Geniuses” that Apple just screwed you over and you need your money bad to buy and Android phone or Chrome OS tablet.

4. Join Team Android: #teamAndroid : Join #teamandroid. Develop great apps for Android and refuse to convert them to

5. Join Team XNA #teamXNA : Start making games with Microsoft XNA for the Xbox 360. Convert them to Silverlight, export them for Windows Mobile and Zune.

6. Say No To iTunes: #noItunes: Did you know that Apple embed user info in every song purchased from iTunes? It not DRM, but it is tracking info. It’s another one of Apple’s silent crimes against the internet. Stop buying music from iTunes and support Amazon they have better prices, and fewer restrictions.

7. Use Air Marketplace: #AirMarketPlace: Convert your Flash apps to Air and sell them on the Air Market Place.

8. Build For Steam: #Steam: Convert your games to Windows apps and sell them on Steam. (You could make Mac apps soon too , but umm…no.)

9. Make Flash Games For The Web: . #flashgames : Simply continue to make great Flash games for the web. Makes games that Apple will envy, but don’t convert them with Xcode. Put them on Mochi, HeyZap, Kongregate, make them Facebook compatible and/or get them sponsored through FlashGameLicense.com

10. F*ck Apple: #f*ckApple : Join the #f*ckapple Twitter channel. Let your feelings be known.

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