Top 10 Positive Things (for me) About The Apple iPhone Developer Clampdown

We have had a lot of debate about the how evil (or not) Apple has become, and how they have closed their platform to developers, etc. etc. etc.  All that very well may be true, but it’s time to look on the bright side of the situation.  Here are the top-10 positive things (for me anyway) about the iPhone Developer Clampdown

1. It lets me stop complaining about the Mochi GAME Developer fund for a while and start complaining about something else I have no control over, does not really affects me all that much personally, and to be honest, was not on my development radar any time soon.

2. 3 words “F*ck Apple Haiku”

Does Apple Hate Me?
No, They Hate The Internet
It’s Not Personal

3. Thank God I never started that book proposal on Flash/iPhone Games Development!

4. That stalled book proposal on the HTML Canvas is starting to look better and better.

5. It has made Twitter fun again for a while (#f*ckapple, #f*ckappleincode #f*ckstevejobs #f*ckpeoplewhof*ckthingsintwitter)

6. It Makes my decision on which version of CS5 to buy (Mac or PC) MUCH MUCH easier. (PC by the way…in Parallels).

7. All of a sudden, developing for Android seems like a really good idea.  Same with Silverlight/XNA, Adobe Air.

8. I get to return to my original feeling that Wozniak was the cool one.

9. For at least a little while, I don’t have to hide my secret love for Microsoft development tools (C# is awesome by the way, no kidding).

10. If people flock away from Flash, it finally gets me to bury any fantasy of book royalties for the last time and instead concentrate on something much more lucrative and worth my time: videos reviewing Flash games watched by 10’s of people.

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