“Gaming After 40” Blog Hits The 8bitrocket.com Sweet Spot

Hey, for all you guys (and gals too I suppose) who are interested in blogs about the history and current state of video games,  I just discovered a very well-written and insightful one named “Gaming After 40”  Here’s a note from the About page:

“I’m in my early 40’s and still remember the early Pong consoles.  Today I
game on the XBox 360 and Wii for new titles, and just about every other
platform for retro fun.  My goal here is to document the development of
computer and video games as an art form, with a sense of history and
humor.  Thanks for stopping by!”

Some of the better stories I’ve found so far are:

There’s a lot more too.  This is a very insightful and interesting blog, with a lot of heart.  We will keep it on our list of sites to visit regularly.

Of course, we have to overlook all the TRS-80 content, but that’s just splitting hairs these days anyway.

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