Gaming After 40’s Video Podcast Is Exceptionally Retrotastic

In the past week as I’ve been home sick with pneumonia, I’ve had some time to peruse Dale Dobson’s Gaming After 40 blog. I have to say, I really like what I see. Dale takes a skewed and humorous, but loving view at video games. In fact, his view very much parallels ours here at We love old games, but not so much that we can’t find humor in some of the naivety displayed in early game design and marketing.

Anyway, Dale has been creating a “Video Podcast” (sound familiar) for about a year now. Some of his entries are astoundingly interesting. His latest does not disappoint:

Story Of Asteroids The Movie: Takes the old Asteroids read-long record/book and does the impossible: creates a funny and subversive story out of what was once a dreadfully boring kids book:

It’s funny, because often I find that Dale covers areas that we here at have covered as well. In fact, last year we wrote our own story about “Asteroids The Movie” :
Top-10 Alternative Ideas for The Universal “Asteroids” Movie

Another interesting video podcast from Dale is Lights, Camera, Action Max, a podcast about the old Action Max console.

This one is especially good, as Dale actually shows a way to make your own hilarious Action Max games! It’s also interesting to note, that we here at had our own experiences with the Action Max back in the day. I wrote about it a while back in : Atari Nerd Chronicles: Top 3 Worst Video Game Christmas Presents Ever: Coleco Shooting Gallery, Atari Jaguar, Action Max .

Dale also takes on old video game ads from Electronic Games Magazine, like Joining Xantor’s Empire.

You’ll recall that here at we have a great fondness for Electronic Games Magazine, so this one is not too far from home either.

Dales also had video podcasts about a ton of other things close to the heart, including:

Video Pinball:

Modern Retro Game Collections:

and even Video Game History (Midway):

There is a a lot more here, so if any of this interests you, go any look at more of Dale’s videos. His work is slick, funny, and very informative. He’s made some solid fans here at

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