Retro Scan: Original Atari ST Action Review – Dungeon Master

Retro Scan: Original Atari ST Action Review – Dungeon Master

I was sifting through the treasure trove that is Steve’s garage the other day when I came across a classic issue of ST Action magazine. The issue is May 1988 (the first year of the publication) and it is filled some incredible (to me at least) gems. I will be scanning in a great interview with Jeff Minter later this week, but for this first retro scan I will be showing off the original Dungeon Master review.


If you never read this magazine (and I only know of 2 other people who are sure to have – Rich Davey and Steve Fulton) you will know that they pretty much hated every game that came upon their desks. They were brutal and I don’t remember too many games receiving a score over 85%. For example, in the same issue there is a “round-up” of top-down scrolling shooters and the classic Xenon (one of the best shooter games ever released) was given only 85%.  They just didn’t give too many games really high scores in those days.

Anyway, you will see that they absolutely loved Dungeon Master and so they gave it a 90% (90%! to one of the best games ever made, especially for the time).  You have to understand that at the time there was no game quite like Dungeon Master. It was so good that even the USA based magazine Computer Gaming World, which had stopped Atari coverage at least a year before this, gave the game a glowing review.

The pages are jpg quality and still about 500K each, so they may take an extra minute or so to load.



So, There you have it. I’m not sure if these are available elsewhere on the infobaun (maybe but I will be adding more from this classic issue soon.

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