8bitrocket.com @ E3 Report #1 : Lucha Libre Fight While The Game Industry Dies (updated)

So we went to E3 today, and we saw few things worth mentioning (which we might cover later), however, our general impressions can be summed up with this story from Cracked.com:

We saw one GREAT thing while we were there: an actual, honest to goodness, Lucha Libre (Mexican Wresting) Match. 
(updated: E3 was still pretty terrible, but this *IS* the match we saw)
  It includes 4 masked wrestlers, two of which were midgets.  Honestly, it was the best thing I have ever seen at an E3.

They also threw out Mexican Wresting masks to the crowd.  Jeff caught 3 of them.  
By the way, the Lucha Libre game itself was just *OK*.  

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