8bitrocket.com: The End Is Nye? We Need Ideas On Where To Move.

Today our hosting company emailed us to tell that our site uses too many resources.  They want to move us to a much more expensive plan.  One that simply does not justify the cost.

We have collected almost 1000 stories and tutorials in the past 4 years, plus almost 100 games.  We are supporting one book, and hopefully, will soon be supporting another. 

Now, we have to move.

At the same time, I’m really tired of supporting the code for this .NET blog.  We would like to move to a hosted CMS, (Joomla, or something else that is not Drupal) or even a site builder (Google Sites, Blogger.com) or white label social network like ning.com.

Our question is this:  Where do you think we should go?  Should we just go with straight blog?  Should we return to Ning.com and go full-bore there?  Does a site in this format even matter any longer? 

We just don’t know yet.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

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