No More Corporate Teat – #1 – I Quit!

This is the white (wipe) -board I have used weekly for 13 years to note to-do lists and other things necessary for my day job. I only have one more “to do” this upcoming week and that is to pack my belongings and not let the door hit me on my way out.

I am going to start my own game and development company as well as do custom, contract, and license work full time. I have a couple prospective jobs things lined up right now, but this is a scary time to be leaving a stable if boring day job. I would stay and endure it except for the fact that I dread going to the office every day and need to spread my wings before they get clipped by the cold sheers of age and reality. So, I am off. We will be releasing a new version of just in time for me to blather on endlessly in another blog about full-time contract/indie game development. God knows we need one more of those.

Plus, I have that HTML5 Canvas book to work on…

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