New Site Opens

If the DNS has propagated, you should be looking at the brand-spanking new web site. It should look much like the old one, but a bit more generic as well. We are working on theming to get back a bit more of retro-on, but for now, this will work.

We are experimenting with a couple of new features to better serve the Flash/Indie/Web game community.

The first is the Contest Tracker.  This page is like an events calendar that tracks the current game development contests that we are aware of.   The dates run-down towards the deadline , and it includes calendar view that highlights specific due dates for game contests. If you want to have your contest added, you can Contact Us.  This features uses the EventCalendar World Press plug-in.

The other new community based features is the Industry Feeds page.  This page lists RSS feeds of industry news all in one place.  This is patterned after one of our favorites sites. .  If you want to have a feed you want us to consider adding,   you can Contact Us.  This particular features uses the Widgets On Pages Word Press plug-in and the NewsPage RSS plug-in.

Along with the new features , we have a added a whole slew of features to help organize the original content better.

  • The video page uses the WordPress TubePress plug-in to show all of our videos (culled from in-line.
  • Site Map uses the Table Of Contents Creator WordPress plug-in that automatically creates an index of your web site.
  • Many of the other pages use the Category Posts plug-in to display a list of blogs from a single category.  We are not happy with this one yet, but until we find a good alternative that will list categories and sub cats, it will have to do for now.
  • The About pages uses the SI Contact Form Word Press plug-in to help stop spam.

Here are some of the other Plug-ins we have deployed:

  • We are using the 2010 Weaver Theme
  • We have installed Disqus for Word Press
  • We use All In One Favicon
  • We use the Google Sitemap plug-in
  • We use the Redirection plug-in for 301/303 redirects from the old site.
  • We used the RSS importer widget to import all the old posts from the old site into the new one
  • We use Socialize for social book marking ,and FBLikeButton for Facebook connectivity
  • We also use the Quantcast, Tynt, and Ultimate GA for analytic reports.

We plan to add as many new features as we can.  We have started to better categorize the games and tutorials, and more of this is to come, all in an effort to make things easier to find.  We have over 1000 individual content items, so we want to make sure people can find what they need.

What didn’t make the move?  The audio page is going to re-imagined into a downloadable store.  The retro arcade will turn into an entire arcade dedicated to retro style  browser based games in all formats.  We will also be adding more connections to Jeff’s new consulting venture, plus more HTML Canvas content as the new book starts to take shape.

Thanks for hanging with us through the move, and we hope to stop letting you down, and starting getting you moving again as soon as possible!

By the way, Word Press and the Word Press community kick ass!

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