Atari “Asteroids” Movie Director’s Quote

In a recent interview with , the director of the upcoming Asteroids movie, Lorenzo di Bonaventura had this to say about the concept:

“…we really went after a mythology on the level of “Star Wars.” We’ll see if we succeeded or not, but it’s not a simple like, the asteroid’s gonna hit the – we never come to Earth. The entire movie takes place in the asteroid field

Last year we wrote out own top-10 list of alternative ideas for the Asteroids movie.  Maybe #7 from that list is not so far-off after all:

7. U.F.O. : The owner of space rock mine in Alpha Centauri has been going about his business for 100s years until one day some malicious a-hole hyperspaces into his asteroid field, and start blowing-up all his precious products. What’s more, the bastard’s space-ship is really f*cking fast, and can shoot dozens of shots at once, while the owner’s slow moving giant U.F.O. fires one shot at a time and flies in a distinctive patterns that gets it blown out of the sky almost instantly. Can our hero use all of his ingenuity to build a better faster, smaller U.F.O. before all is lost? By studying the TV transmissions from a small blue planet 30 or so light years away, he uses his worm-hole transportation device to capture Earth’s greatest T.V engineers: Mike Brady (architect), Mr. T. (unique weapons crafter), McGyver (mechanical genius), .Murray from Riptide (hacker/robotics expert), and Arthur Fonzarelli (for that magic touch) and employs them all to help make a weapon that can save the family business from total destruction.

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