Microsoft Kinect: It Sees My Feet!!!

I’ve had my microsoft Kinect for excatly 1 hour now, and i’m totally hooked.  All of the things that frusted me about the Wii have been fixed.  Sports games are amazing on this thing, mostly because it can see your feet.   I can now kick balls.  I know that sounds weird (in multiple ways) but just take it at face value.  I’ve always wanted a Wii game where I could use my feet to kick a soccer ball…and Kinect can do it!

Kinect also lets me jump.  Unlike the Wii Balance board, that yells at me when I jump, this thing demands it! It also senses my movement around the room, so moving side-to-side works too.   My dream of a platform game that I can play with my whole body is almost here.

I bought the Wii on day one, and I’ve always been a big supporter of it…but I don’t think Nintendo has returned the favor.  I bought the Wii Motion Plus on day-one too, but they have since released about 2 games that use it.  Nice job guys.

I can sense that this Kinect thing, even with the small technical issues I’ve seen (the need for a big space, and a bit of lag) is about to make the Wii look like boring old console.

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