Microsoft Kinect Day 2: Punching And Kicking My Way to 180 lbs With No Excuses.

Day 2 of Microsoft Kinect has been spent playing Ubi Soft’s “Your Shape Fitness Evolved” which would be the most metrosexual game imaginable if it was not for all concentration on hitting stuff.  There might be all kinds of workouts and training classes in this thing, but I would not know because I’ve spent most of my time punching, kicking evil  green blocks as fast as possible.

The mini-game section of this title has some really enjoyable stuff, and the best two best games involve the aforementioned violence against green blocks , and also balancing blocks just like one of Flash stacking games….except you do it with your arms.    This thing is very addictive.  I believe I will have dreams tonight of how to attack those green blocks faster and faster.

My goal is to reach 180 lbs by using this thing every day.  I tried the same thing with Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus, and EA Sports Active, but all those games suffered from one fatal flaw:  The Wii.  Yep, both the wires that tether the controls, and the Wii balance board got in the way of my exercise.  Kinect offers almost total freedom, so I have no excuses this time

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