16K BattleWire16K

16K Atari Inspired Retro-Remake Contest Entry:

Game Name: BattleWire16K (Play It)

Play the upgraded, commercial version at Kongregate.

Game Inspiration: Battlezone (Atari Arcade)

(click scree shot to play)

(click scree shot to play)

Author: TFernando (Nightflyer Games)

What Tony has to say about his game:

“BattleWire16K was inspired by Battlezone and it’s descendents. The object of the game is to get the highest score you can, by killing enemy tanks and airplanes. You get three lives.

‘Battle’ of course, comes from Battlezone, ‘Wire’ from the wireframe graphics, and 16K from the contest limitation.

I actually chose this game, because I thought it would be easier to pack a wireframe renderer and some models into 16kb, than to embed usable bitmaps and sounds! The chiptune-esq music is generated is generated by a sine function, and the shots and explosions from a random number generator.

I kept a development journal on my blog, which can be viewed here. Most of the blog entries present.”

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