16K Atari Inspired Retro-Remake Contest Entry:

Game Name: DDDD (The Diabolical Dungeons of Dr. Devil) (Play It)

Game Inspiration: Rogue (Mastertonic for Atari 800 / Atari ST)

(click screen shot to play)

(click screen shot to play)

Author: Ace the Super Villain

What Ace has to say about his game:
“I present to you my 3rd entry for the 8bitRocket 16KB Atari Retro Re-make
Contest, The Diabolical Dungeons of Dr. Devil.  It’s based on Rogue, which
I hear was available on Atari’s 8-bit home computers.  As fair warning,
this game can take several hours to finish, and there is no save feature,
however, you can pause it by pressing Shift.”

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