Keeping Up With the Mochis #1: Bio Break

Jeff and I have been asked by the fine people at Mochi Media to help judge the 2011 Mochi Awards for the Flash Gaming Summit this year.    The first order business Mochi asked from us to was to write a short bio about ourselves.

After writing the forward/introduction to our Flash book, you would think that writing a bio like this would be easy.  However, I avoided it for almost 2 months.  I simply could not think of anything that fit well with the Flash game development community.   I mean, let’s be honest, on this site we have “laid it on the line” many many times.  We have a particular point of view, and it is of widely limited appeal.

At the same time, the book introduction was really serious.  At the time we thought that the book would be our “one shot” at that sort of thing, so we tried to give it some weight, some heft, and some gravitas.  However, here are, we are not always serious about everything.    So I was stuck.   How do you write something that sums up yourself (and your brother) that is set apart from what you have previously done, but at the same time keeps your point of view intact?  Below was my answer.   It was late Friday night, and it was the best I could muster:

Steve & Jeff Fulton, 8 Bit Rocket

Steve and Jeff Fulton, from, are twin brothers and retro devolved champions of the pixelated indie underdog. Born out of a long line of complainers, over reactors and naval gazers, they continue that tradition on their web site with great care and intense fortitude. When they are not busy reading each other’s thoughts and/or switching places to fool their loved ones, they write opinionated editorials, games, tutorials, and books about Flash / HTML5 Canvas. Much to the amusement of their friends and relatives, they constantly argue about which Atari product might be the best game ever made. While Jeff still believes it to be Asteroids, Steve knows he is wrong because that would mean Super Breakout is #2, and that just can’t be right. However, both agree that if someone, somewhere could somehow make a game that was a cross between Phantasie, Anco Player Manager, Peggle, Dune 2, Burnout:Takedown, Bookworm Adventures , Food Fight, Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Pac-Man CE DX, and Castle Wolfenstein 3D they could lay down their arms and surrender to it’s glory, because the pinnacle of game design has been achieved.

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