Keeping Up With The Mochis #2: A Creeping Realization

So while looking over the contest entries for the 2011 Mochis,   I was struck by one common emotion: despair.  Why?  Because every one of the games is so damned good.  I’m not kidding.    All of the entries are linked below, so you can see for yourself.  While I’m not going to tip my hand as which games I think are the best, I will say that so far I’ve been blown-away by the quality of every single one.

In fact, a creeping realization came over me while playing some of these.  It was the feeling that I’m personally, wasting my time on a lot of  small projects when I should so obviously make an attempt to do something “big”.  Most of the games below are “big”.  The are big on game play, big in scope, big in graphics,  and in some cases simply, big in dimensions.

It was my 41st birthday yesterday, and the accelerating sense of time falling out of pockets while I’m simultaneously chased down a track by a train with a giant ticking clock on the front is palpable.  I was afraid this would happen.  Right now these games kind of depress me with their brilliance.   I’m hoping that depression can be turned into inspiration by the time this process is over.

Anyway,  check out the games below.

Best Flash Game Port

Best Indie Game

Best Game Art

Best Multiplayer Game

Best Strategy Game

Best Puzzle Game

Best Social Game

Best Shooter Game

Most Creative Game


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