Our First “Game” Hack, Circa 1981

Last week I pulled out I found an old Choose Your Own Adventure book to read to my girls.   This was one of the original books Jeff and I got from the Scholastic Book club in elementary school.  This particular book was from 1981.  I recall, that Jeff and I did not like the Choose Your Own Adventure books that had too many endings.  3 or 5, even 11 endings was OK.    However, I believe the book in question, “Journey Under The Sea”  had 42 endings.   At 117 pages, 42 endings seemed a bit much.  The book was frustrating because it seemed that no matter what you did, you died.

So, with our 11 year old proto game development hats on, we proceeded to “hack”  the book to make a “better story” that did not make you die on every other page.   You can see some of our handiwork below.

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