The HTML 5 Canvas (O’Reilly) Table Of Contents

Our book on HTML5 Canvas programming is nearing completion. The info page has not been updated yet with the latest information, so I decided to put it here in case anyone is interested.

We are in final revision stage and everything is right on time. We have checked and double checked that each example runs straight from the book. There are about 100 of  these type-in examples, including quite a few complete apps. The street date is currently May 25. The current version clocks in at a hefty 626 pages, making it close in size to our Flash Games book. (630 pages)

We started this one with the idea of doing a book on games, but needed to add some general topics as well. Most of the examples are games and there are 3 chapters dedicated to making 4 complete games, plus game examples sprinkled throughout the other chapters.  These “non-game” specific  chapters deal with  topics such as in-depth explorations of drawing with paths, using images, sound, video, physics, text, making iPhone apps, multiplayer, 3D and more.

Here is a rundown of the 11 chapters.

1. Introduction to the Canvas – The Canvas basics are presented by creating a simple game

2. Drawing On the Canvas – This goes through the API and gives examples of drawing, transforming, filling, etc

3. HTML5 Canvas Text API – Pretty much EVERYTHING you might want to do with text and a cool app that you build called Text Arranger that is used to demonstrate all aspects of text manipulation and display.

4. Images on the canvas – Loading and displaying images, transforming (rotation, scale, etc), using tile sheets, animating images, creating a tile map, zooming and panning on images, image pixel manipulation and more

5. Physics and Math – Lots of cool examples of using math and physics –  moving on vectors, bouncing, ball collisions and physics,  gravity, elasticity, friction, easing, etc

6. Video – HTML5 video basics and in-depth on the using the Canvas to display video covering all aspects  with some fun apps, etc

7. Audio and Sound – All aspects of HTML5 and Canvas audio, plus a sound manager and a simple shooter game

8. Canvas game essentials: Create a game framework and then apply it to making an Asteroids-like game using all the canvas drawing API

9. Canvas games with sound and bitmaps – Take the Asteroids game from chapter 8, change it to use tile sheets and bitmaps, add in object pooling, a sound manager,  a new step timer, and more. Also make a simple tile-based game

10. Make a simple game and port it to the iPhone using PhoneGap

11. Multiplayer and 3d -with real working examples, etc. Electrotank created a Javascript API specifically so we could demonstrate Multiplayer with a real-world chat application.

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