Vectrex Regeneration Closes The Loop On My Retro Game Needs

One a summer day, just like this one, nearly 30 years to the day, I bought a GCE Vectrex with money I made from selling my Atari 2600.    At the time, it felt like an investment in the future.   The Vectrex had a black and white vector screen that could produce images that looked like arcade games.    It came with a with an Asteroids-like game named Mine Storm, and promised the ability to play other vector arcade favorites like Star Castle and Armor Attack.  I love the Vectrex, and even though the games were all very short and sweet, it provided the visceral thrill of golden age arcade game like no other system  has ever been capable of reproducing.

However, soon after I bought the system, the company folded.   I was able to acquire about 10 games before the Vectrex passed into gaming history.  I kept playing it for a few more years, but then the controller port stopped working.   I’ve haunted eBay since the late 90’s looking for a replacement, but the time and budget has never been right for me to make a purchase.   The Vectrex remains the single retreo game platform from my youth that I have not been able to effectively recreate on a modern platform.

Now though, it looks like my Vectrex dreams will remain dormant no longer. A company named RantMedia Games has announced a Vectrex app for the iPad named Vectrex Regeneration.   Apparently it will offer 20+ original Vectrex games for free, plus they will sell upgrades so the app will work with the iCade (yes!), and other new home brew games, multi-player support, etc.   The app will be out “soon”.    You can follow them on twitter here.




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