One Of The Masters “Speaks” On Game Design : Dan(i) Bunten (Berry)’s Archived Web Site

It’s no secret that we here at have a few very distinct heroes, and Dan(i) Bunten (Berry) is one of them.  Bunten was the designers/programmer of the classic, unparalleled games M.U.L.E. and Seven Cities Of Gold.

An archived web site of Bunten’s exists and it contains some of the only known musings by the designer/programmer about games.

On The Games As A Medium

There was a time when I thought computer games could represent a truly original interactive medium, however, with the takeover by big guys from Hollywood and corporate America, it looks like another cultural wasteland (like films and TV) devoted to crass consumer values. But they pay well! (read the rest here)

On The Importance Of Play:

Thus, play is not some meaningless activity. It’s likely that the instinct to play led to success of mammals, primates and homo-sapiens who in that order exhibit the need to play more widely and longer into adulthood. That makes designing games not a self-indulgent fatuous career but a method of offering opportunities to evolve and learn for our species. As a profession it could stand up there with psychologists and philosophers.” (read the rest here)

On The Fate Of Game Projects Choices

“One of my favorite game designers is Sid Meier. When I met him in ’89 and was going to do a new game for Microprose I told him I was torn between doing one of two games. They were both board games whose design while solid in their own medium would be very interesting to work out in the computer game field. I wanted to do either “Axis and Allies” or “Civilization”. Sid talked me into doing the WWII game (Command HQ it was called) and he did Civilization. Not that I would have done the amazing job that Sid did with that game but it does give one pause to consider the ways fate works out. “(read the rest here)

On The Influence Of Doom

“We will need to think creatively about what a game is. Unfortunately, I have no idea what might be. I can tell you some of the pieces that make for good multi-player games but my guess is that the big breakthrough will be as like our current games as “Doom” is like “Pong”.” (read the rest here)

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