Atari 7800 Haiku

CX7805: Galaga 7800

Lovely Galaga
Woke up early to play you
Every morning

Be damned high school
For my passion awaits me
On a ROM cartridge

An “A” in “twin ships”
A “D” in “Geometry”
I’m summer school bound


CX7804 : Food Fight 7800

Four crazy-ass chefs
Throwing food from little piles
Dodge and throw it back

No limit melons
Eat the melting ice cream cone
For Instant Replay

Coin-Op perfection
Charley Chuck would be so proud
Of this translation

CX7802 : Asteroids 7800

3D Asteroids
So perfect, so true, so right
Success, finally

Two players, one screen
Fight together forever
Rock hunting dream team

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