Atari To Announce GameBand/GameWatch On Feb. 1st?

A member of AtariAge Facebook  Group (Andrew Ruth) posted this  image (to the left) today that Atari Interactive had been circulating.   It appears that Atari Interactive is working with GameBand to bring classic games to life in a new way.

According to SlashGear GameBand was released in 2015 as stylish way for Minecraft players to take their saved-games on the road:

The primary reason you’ll have purchased the Gameband isn’t pre-loaded content, however – it’s the saving of your games. Using a pre-loaded Minecraft launcher and onboard space, this band keeps your Minecraft saved games local.

Original Minecraft Gameband

If this product is based on the original GameBand, it would leave a lot of question about it’s utility for playing classic Atari games.  What would you take on the road?  High Scores?  Would it help you play multi-player (how)?   They already solved both of those issues (kinda/sorta)  with latest Atari Vault (Steam) and Atari Flashback Vol 1. and Vol.2 and Xbox One and PS4.  The original GameBand did not have much of a display, just a small screen for displaying the time, status, filenames, etc.

Matter GameWatch

However, this could be an all new-product. According to this link on, intrepid Atari Age members have already narrowed it down the possibilities to the new Game Watch version of the Game Band designed by Matter.  It has a much larger, color display, and looks like an Android based device.     Could this be what Atari has up it’s sleeve?  It looks neat, but it begs the question “How Would You Play Games On It?”      It looks like there will be an announcement of Feb. 1st, so we might have to until then to find out the whole story.     You can sign-up here for more information:  Atari Game Band


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