S1:E3: Atari Nerd

In this episode we dig up one of our first podcasts from December 2008, which is one of the first Atari dedicated podcasts ever recorded.  This low-fi descent into the aughties, complete with bad mics, driving noise, and half-baked ideas is where we began. It’s also a bit prophetic about Atari in 2018.   We also have a couple short nonfiction pieces by Steve Fulton, a collection update from Jeff, and more.

Our next episode will be about the game Asteroids in all forms including sequels and inspired games.  If you have a story about any Asteroids or related game, please send them to 8bitrocket.collectibles@gmail.com or DM them to @Atari_VB_Pod on Twitter.


Show Notes

  • The intro music and many, but not all, of the ambient 8-bit sounds you hear through out the podcast were created with a loop library by 8bitweapon.
  • Reach us for  comments and suggestions via email at 8bitrocket.collectibles@gmail.com
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