S1:E4: Escape To The Asteroids Zone :Part 1

Into The Vertical Blank: Generation Atari Season 1, Episode 4: Escape To The Asteroids Zone Part 1.

In Part One of our two-part extravaganza,  we delve into the that game forms the backdrop of The Vertical Blank: Asteroids. We discuss our experiences with  Atari’s best selling coin-op and discover why this game, in particular, means so much to us. This episode includes a story written by Steve Fulton named, appropriately enough, “Escape To The Asteroids Zone”

Show Notes

  • The intro music and many, but not all, of the ambient 8-bit sounds you hear through out the podcast were created with a loop library by 8bitweapon.
  • Reach us for  comments and suggestions via email at 8bitrocket.collectibles@gmail.com

Photos Of The Safeway Where We played Asteroids (photos circa 1970 from from Manhattan Beach Historical Society)


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