S4:E11 Sanctuary in Pelnor: The First Atari ST Role-Playing Games

S4:E11 Sanctuary in Pelnor: The First Atari ST Role-Playing Games

In this episode Steve and Jeff discuss the Atari ST role-playing games listed in Atarimania.com from 1987, and also briefly go into the 1986 ones they discussed in S4:E10.  They also discuss the latest news that interests them. This all leads into a story by Steve that weaves their home experience growing up with playing a game of Phantasie on the Atari ST

Show Notes:

AtariMania Games List


Games Discussed in this Episode:

  1. AutoDuel (Origin) 
  2. Casque des Forgerons (Le) (Coconuts)
  3. Eden Blues (Ere Informatique / Atari Italia) 
  4. Maitre des Ames (Le) [Advertised/MIA] (Ubi Soft)
  5. Phantasie II 1.0 (Strategic Simulations, Inc.)
  6. Phantasie III  (Strategic Simulations, Inc.)
  7. Quest (Pyramide)
  8. Rings of Zilfin (Strategic Simulations, Inc.)
  9. Roadwar 2000 1.0 (Strategic Simulations, Inc.)
  10. ST Larn 12.0 (no publisher)
  11. Wizard Warz (Go! / US Gold)
  12. Wizard’s Crown (Strategic Simulations, Inc.)
  13. Ultima II
  14. Ultima III

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