Atari ST Action Issue 55 (Cover Disk #46): The lost disk of Accelerator Hs been found!

I was searching through the online archives to test out a demo game called Accelerator from Issue 55 of ST Action magazine and I could not find a version of the on any menu disk, or in any archive of Atari ST Action disks. I checked, where Marko and team were asking for the disk (well they want the full game, but I doesn’t seem to exist, at least I have the magazine version) .
I saw an image of it on this page: and thought to myself, “hey self, you just pulled that disk off of the Issue 55 in your collection”. Low and Behold, I did have it. I created a Pasti stx file of the disk on my STE and also copied the filed from it to a folder. Those are available here:

All three games from the disk are in this video, and all three are definitely worth a look and a play. I got the Pasti .stx file to work in Hatari using both STE or ST mode with TOS 1.04 UK. No hard drives were attached. It would NOT on load on my real TOS 1.62 STE. All content in this video was pulled directly from the Into The Vertical Blank and 8bitrocket Archives.

Download ST Action Disk #46 from Issue 55

Update: I have been provided with a new link to a site that DOES have most, if not all of the ST ACTION mags an disks online:
Also ST Review:

Video Of Disk In Action

Intro 0:00
Accelerator 2:13
Frying Friends 14:13
Teteri 16:14

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