S4: E13: Bonus Atari ST Games That Rock: LLamatron ++: Llamatron, Jeff Minter and Heart of Neon

In this episode, the brothers discuss recent Christmas, the latest Atari recharged  releases and then bring on their brother from another mother (and father) Tony Longworth to discuss the Jeff Minter Classic, LLamatron for the Atari ST


Discussion Video Version:


Heart of Neon: https://www.heartofneon.com/

Buy a Jeff Minter Game or swag here:  http://www.minotaurproject.co.uk/Minotaur/theshop.php

ST Section of the Llamasoft site: http://www.llamasoftarchive.org/oldsite/llamadloads2.html#AtariST

Atarimania Llamatron Page: http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-st-llamatron_31157.html

Tony’s LLamatron Video

Recorded, Mixed, Edited and Produced by Steve And Jeff Fulton

Music : Perpetual Darkness – Tony Longworth : You can download this exclusive track by supporting Tony’s Patreon music campaign @: https://www.patreon.com/tonylongworth

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