S4:E14: Atari Pac-Man Day 40th Anniversary Documentary

Clocking in at almost 3 hours, this episode is a remastered super-cut of Into The Vertical Blank Season 3, Episode #1, #4 and #6 that cover April 3, 1982: Atari Pac-Man Day and it’s lasting effects on the company. Yep, this one is all about Atari VCS Pac-Man, but so much more as well. It features a discussion with the late Curt Vendel, in one of his final interviews, speaking very very passionately about what we all believed to be “Atari’s Biggest Mistake”.

Written, edited, produced and hosted by Steve and Jeff Fulton
Music by Tony Longworth
Branding by Daryl Litts

Rest In Peace Mr. Vendel, we miss you very much

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