Beginning Atari ST STOS #1 Sprites. MAKE A THING!

In this series we will look at STOS Basic for the Atari ST. This program was designed as a game creation programming language but sometimes has been mistaken for a construction set, which it is not. In some previous videos I have gone over what utilities come with STOS and have looked at using some of the more advanced Extensions such as the ones that target the blitter.
Links to those are below and at the accompanying blog posts this series. 

Today we are going to take a step back and pretend that we have just broken open the manual for STOS. I have created a .zip file called INVBSTOS that contains all of the STOS files necessary to work with this series, including all of the updated STOS language files, the compiler, Sprites 600, and STOS Maestro.  It can be used on a real machine as a folder on a hard drive, or it can be used in an emulator like Harari in a GEMDOS hard drive. .

STOS Tutorial #1: Setup STOS On Hatari and Blitter Hello World

STOS Tutorial #2: Brute force Blitter Sprites, Joysticks and more.

STOS Tutorial #3: VSCODE Plug-in Development Pipeline and MissingLInk Hello World

Download the INVBSTOS Folder and files for this project

Download the INVBSTOS Folder and files for this project

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