Balance is a game I made when trying to seek soulful solace after my friend Brandon died of cancer on Nov 1, 2023.

My brother, Brandon and I worked on several unfinished computer games in the late 1980’s.

I always imagined we would have time to finish them when all of our responsbilities of adults faded.

We never got the chance. We never found the “balance” that let finish our projects.

You can’t really “win” Balance. The experienced ends after you complete several levels of balancing.

make a path to balance the stones
turn pieces to complete journey
dark / light must equal
medium must be even number
joystick/arrows move
fire/z-key selects

The game has lots of bugs, so if it locks-up, just refresh the browser and re-balance yourself.

Click an image of the link below to play Balance

Play here:

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